No Guilt In Re-grouping

When I hear another mother say she’s never spent a night away from her children I just can’t fathom it. Not at all. Now I’m not judging, I just don’t understand how one could get by without a little re-grouping. One night of no bedtime battles, waking babies, and early rising. A chance to roll out of bed, have coffee at leisure, and take a shower with no banging on the door.  No short-order cooking – scrambled eggs, pancakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No bickering over the frog spoon or the dinosaur bowl. Just a quiet and peaceful morning. I’m fortunate to have parents who will take my boys one night a month. It’s even better that they take them for an entire weekend every August so we can go on a canoe trip. I look forward to it. I enjoy it. Sure I miss them, but I’m not in tears over it.

We don’t always do a big night out. Sometimes my husband and I just stay home, grab some beer and pizza, and I kick his butt in Wii bowling (then he in turns kicks mine in Wii golf). It’s just needed time. Needed time to just be a couple. The house is eerie without the pitter-patter of little feet, and we usually go get them first thing in the morning but it’s still nice to just breathe.

We got to get away this weekend and attend the annual canoe trip. Two whole nights without them. I missed them, but I didn’t feel guilty. I needed this trip. Time to just be with adults and laugh. Laugh to the point of tears. No worrying about getting the kids home and to bed on time. I knew they were safe and having fun. It’s good for mommy and daddy to get away. A little relief from the daily routine. I’m not going to feel bad about enjoying time away from my little rug-rats…I still love and adore them. Mommy just sometimes needs her own little time out.

9 thoughts on “No Guilt In Re-grouping

  1. Rock on sister!! Zero guilt here either! If I did’t take time for myself and for “us” as a couple I’d be drowned in a bath tub by now. I don’t know how those moms do the “never being away” thing. I personally think it’s made my kids more independent! Thanks for sharing. Love it!

  2. How awesome!!! I totally agree you do need to re group every once in awhile mama! And by the way you look absolutely hot in that canoe! Xoxo

  3. Yeah for mommy time and better yet time WITH daddy without the rug rats. It is so good to regroup and recharge and much needed for hard working mommas like you 😉

    I too wonder how on EARTH moms can go without an escape from reality. They must be super human or maybe other worldly?!

  4. I totally agree. Of course I also understand the anxiety of leaving them. A night or two with grandparents when Ian and I stay local is heaven. More than that, I am torn. And I hate traveling far away without them. But you are 100% right – recharging is necessary!!!!

  5. Makes me insanely jealous that we moved a 1000 miles away from my parents and thus never get a free over-night. We do still try to do date night, but having to hire a sitter makes it nearly impossible to afford. But we squeeze one in on occasion.

  6. You are very lucky to have the opportunity to escape for some couple time. It is important to ‘re-group’.

    I can relate to those poor moms who don’t get the chance to be away from their kids for awhile. Sometimes it’s hard to find people to take your kids overnight. My oldest was 8 years old before my folks offered to take them overnight – for a whole weekend. It was our 15th anniversary. 🙂

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