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The Back to School Fool

As I said before, I’m just not ready for back to school yet. I don’t want to get ready for back to school yet. I want to enjoy these last few weeks of summer and not think about back to school. However, that wouldn’t make me a really good mom. We need to be prepared. Shopping needs to be done. Homework station ready. So what have I been doing? I’ve been “secretly” preparing for back to school.

One by one things get checked off the supply list. One day I bought glue sticks, a few days later it was colored pencils, and last week I loaded up on folders. See, in my warped mind this technically is not “back to school shopping.” I am just merely picking up a thing or two here and there. I tell myself that real back to school shopping is grabbing your list and hitting the store, crossing every item off. Who am I fooling? Yes, I have been doing the back to school shopping…in summer…in sadness, so I can be a prepared mom not scrambling a couple days before school begins. Ugh.

I have three weeks still. I can manage to slowly accumulate sneakers, lunch boxes, thermoses, socks, some new clothes…all without actually going “back to school shopping.”…I think. It will be a “summer outing.” I’ll just rename it for myself because I’m living in denial. Sure I’m denying my kids that back to school shopping experience, but they’re still young. Well get to that point some day. For now…I’m still “secretly shopping.

3 thoughts on “The Back to School Fool

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing. Total denial here, but I feel better knowing I’m not the only one 😉

  2. I used to hate to do the back-to-school shop, too. I’d watch the flyers, compare prices and pick the place that had more of the lesser prices. Then I’d just bite the bullet, pick up everything, put it all in new back packs and hide them in the closet until school time! 🙂

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