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The Bookshelf – How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?

I’m nervous about my little guy starting pre-school. I wasn’t this nervous when the other two went. I don’t know if it’s just that he’s my baby, or the fact that he’s a stubborn ass  a tough little bugger. I know pre-school is there to help prepare them and teach them how to behave in a classroom. I guess I’m just afraid he’s not going to listen. I mean it could go completely fine, BUT….I worry. I can picture it now, my boy is stomping around with his pout while all the other kids are sitting on the carpet singing  Raffi’s “Baby Beluga.”

Anyway, I decided I should break out the school books and get Mr. Finnegan ready for what lies ahead, it’s a good refresher to the older boys too. How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague. I love this series of books and the boys love them too. So how does a dinosaur go to school? Do they stomp their tails and make a big fuss? Do they interrupt the teacher? Do they roughhouse? Do they make it too hard for their classmates to learn? NO!!!

These dinosaurs know how to behave in a classroom. They help their classmates, they don’t talk out of turn, and they definitely don’t like bullies. We throughly enjoyed this book tonight. It’s been a while since we read it, but the timing is perfect. As we slowly begin this dreaded back to school transition I think it was the perfect pick off the bookshelf. And the large pages and colorful illustrations are quite enjoyable as well.

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  1. I am worried about Chloe too, how she is going to feel when we have to leave her their. But hopefully with her friends there she will be fine 🙂

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