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Slacking In Training

I’m supposed to be preparing for my first 5K. I started off strong. I was determined to carve time out of my day to focus on running. Then I tanked. Why does this always happen!? I do this ALL of the time. The excuses come crawling back. First it was just WAY TOO HOT to run. The air was thick and humid. You couldn’t pay me to grab my gear and hit the pavement. I’d be drenched in sweat just tying my shoes. Then I got a cold and was paranoid that I would get pneumonia again. I recovered quickly but still haven’t run in two and a half weeks. I’m starting to let all the excuses get in the way again; cleaning, laundry, soccer practice, oh and that little thing I was craving…sleep.

So now the guilt and nerves are setting in. Two more weeks and I’m not ready. I mean I know it’s only 3 miles and I know I can do it and be fine, but I really wanted to breeze through it and be prepared. It’s time to psych myself up and get running. No more excuses. I’m going to head over to my fitness board on Pinterest and get inspired. Tomorrow is another day. A new start. Time to get moving again. I want to do this and I want to do this well. Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “Slacking In Training

  1. I can SO relate!!! One of my favorite motivating quotes is “You can have what you want in life, or you can have all the excuses you make up to tell yourself you can’t.” I don’t know who said this be s/he was WISE! Good luck! Just put on your running shoes – one step at a time. You can do it!!!

  2. Been there… It’s definitely hard to get back on track, but it can be done. I know you can do it… At least you don’t have someone who gets mad at you for running/walking without her. hahaha…

    Good luck!!

  3. We all slack! Don’t be too hard on yourself – life does get in the way of training sometimes. I have days when cleaning toilets sounds better than going out for a run. I do like you’re “get back on it…tomorrow” attitude! =) Good luck!

  4. Life totally gets in the way, but you can get back on track, even if you aren’t quite where you want to be. I just had kind of a crummy week after my long run left me sore last weekend. When is the race?

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