Happy Birthday Deacon – Ninjago Style

My brown-eyed boy turns five today. I can’t believe it! I know everything moves at sort of hyper-speed when you have kids, except for those “bad” phases of course, but I’m still having trouble adjusting. Five years old! It seems like we were just celebrating his first birthday.

It’s hard to accept that he’s going to kindergarten in a couple of weeks. He’s going to be learning to read and write. He’s going to be testing my patience even more, that’s for sure. The one thing about Deacon is that he wants what he wants. He can be pretty particular. One of his famous lines is “let’s make a deal.” “Mom, how about you tell Dad to do the laundry and you sleep here with me. You can have this stuffed dog. Oh, and wear your elephant pajamas. It’s a deal.” Alrighty then…

Deacon requested a Ninjago party this year. At first I thought this was just fine until I realized that they don’t make Ninjago party supplies. Why couldn’t he just pick something else he likes… maybe Star Wars? Of course we had to make it difficult. My kids are known for it. I had to do half of my Christmas shopping on eBay last year for Logan because How To Train Your Dragon and Jurassic Park toys were no longer in manufacture.

We’ve done Elmo.

We’ve done pirates.

We’ve done Spiderman.

Now my boy wants Ninjago so that’s what Mommy is going to do. So where do I head over to for ideas…Pinterest of course. I don’t know what I would do without Pinterest these days! We made some great party favor boxes, super yummy cupcakes, and some really sticky and fabulous sushi! The boys had a ball putting the sushi together…I think they thoroughly enjoyed testing all of the ingredients. Total sugar high before bed, just fantastic. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get many pictures at the party. I was a little busy, but everyone had a great time. Who needs a party supply store when you can do it yourself?

Happy Birthday Deacon Christopher. I love you SO!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Deacon – Ninjago Style

  1. Ninjas are AWESOME… Sounds like you’ve got yourself a little salesman/lawyer on your hands. Haha… Sounds like he had a great birthday.

  2. I love that you got your ideas on Pinterest. Everything looks great and I can relate about being too busy for pictures. I usually leave it up to Hubby but he usually forgets, too! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Deacon! What an awesome theme and even more awesome decor. I am a firm believe that Pinterest can pretty much give you the tools you need to create anything and homemade is always better than store bought right?! Especially when you can’t FIND store bought.

    Next time maybe put a family member in charge of taking pics? I need to start doing this as I tend to stop taking pics as soon as the party actually starts.

  4. Ah, Pinterest… It’ll be the death of me, one of these birthdays, LOL! My 6yo adores Ninjago. If he knew he could pick that as a birthday theme, ooohhh boy! I’ll have to contact you for all your fantastic party ideas! 😉 Happy birthday to Deacon; and congrats to you, The Mama, for surviving and thriving for all these years!

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