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Fall Movie Preview Favorites

My second favorite issue of Entertainment Weekly came out this week…the Fall Movie Preview issue. Yay! I actually sit down with the magazine and a pen and paper and write down all the movies I want to see and when they come out. Yeah, I’m a movie dork. Now sure I’m not going to get to see the majority of these films in the theater with my husband, but I mark them all down anyway and save them in my Netflix queue. I get a little surprise in the mail five months later. So I figured I share the ones I’m really looking forward to.

The Big Wedding –  What a cast is all I have to say. Robert DiNero, Diane Keaten, Topher Grace, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, oh and the absolutely fabulous Susan Sarandon. I love them all! Divorced couple DiNero and Keaton have to pretend to be happily married for the weekend, which makes Sarandon, DiNero’s current wife, a tad bit upset. It looks hilarious. Total family dysfunction.

Trouble With The Curve – I might have to take my dad to see this one. One word: Clint Eastwood. My dad is a huge Eastwood fan. Countless times throughout my childhood and into my adult life he would ask me to watch Eastwood films with him. Two Mules for Sister Sarah, Pale Rider, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. None of which I was too thrilled to watch. This Eastwood film however…looks really good to me. It helps that Justin Timberlake stars in it along with Amy Adams, whom I adore. Eastwood plays an old baseball scout whose eyesight isn’t so good anymore. His daughter wants to help him and tags along with him recruiting, against his wishes. It looks like a good father/daughter film to me.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Yes, I am excited to see it and I don’t care what you think. I even have my husband onboard for this one (he likes the wolves). Yes, it will be seen in the theater. I won’t share the trailer with you because if anyone reading this post is at all interested in seeing this movie then they have already watched the trailer at least 10 times.

This Is 40 – Oh my God I can’t wait for this one. The sequel to Knocked Up with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. The two of them are just hysterical. I think I have enjoyed every single movie I have seen them in. It looks hilarious and VERY relatible. The fact that I have to wait until Christmas for it to hit theaters is making me a bit sad.

My wait till they come out on DVD list:

Looper – Bruce Willis (one of my absolute favorites) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Pitch Perfect – Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson

Silver Linings Playbook – Bradley Cooper (need I say more?)

The Guilt Trip – Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan. No trailer released yet, but anything with Seth Rogan must be funny.

The Hobbit – Thank you Peter Jackson for finally getting it done.

So grab your popcorn and tell me what movies are on your Must See list for the fall?

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