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Pitch A Tent

I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that summer is at an end. As much as I don’t want it to end, I need to accept it. I think one of my problems is that we haven’t done everything I wanted to do. I must admit we did put a good dent into the list of fun summer activities I had planned there are just a few things we never got around to doing. I’m saddened that we only made it to the beach once. Just once ALL summer. That is just horrible, especially seeing we live in the Ocean State! I’m trying to look at the positive side of things. The things we did get to do this summer.

We went the zoo. We went to the aquarium. I fulfilled the awful request of going to Monkey Joes (gross). We roasted marshmallows. We went on hiking adventures. And we had PLENTY of fun pool time.

The one thing we missed out on doing that I really wanted to do was go camping. Any time we had a free weekend, which was very rare, the weather didn’t cooperate. So what is mommy and daddy to do? Pitch the tent in the living room! The boys were thrilled. Actually, the boys are STILL thrilled…the tent has been in the living room since Saturday.

I still hope we make it camping before the cold weather sets in. Truth be told, I’m a bit nervous about it as well. Maybe God thinks camping wouldn’t be a good idea for us this summer. See, Finnegan hasn’t gone camping since he was one. It was a horrible experienced. To put it short, my husband drove around the camp site at two in the morning with a screaming baby for a half and hour. When that didn’t work I sat in the truck with the screaming baby on my screaming bladder. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. Also note, that Finnegan is not in the tent in the living room…he chose to sleep in his own bed. So, I think this will be a local camping trip. One night. After school starts. Wish us luck.

What were your favorite activities this summer?

8 thoughts on “Pitch A Tent

  1. How wonderful! What a family treat!

    I have been AWOL from blogging , sorry, I have been…..moving……..argh! Our move took us from the mountains in the woods to our new vacation home now , lakefront, and after an exhaustive month, we are in and I can awaken to the laughter of small children at the beach, bird calls, and water skiers…..This place is our escape from our valley town in California.

  2. The times I went camping with my daughter was with Brownies & Girl Guides she hated it, especially tent camping. Your boys will probably enjoy it better. Good luck trying to fit it into your busy schedule. 🙂

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