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Getting A Bit Crafty

Over the past couple of months I’ve been getting crafty. I’ve been trying new recipes and learning to use Mod Podge. I’m totally not Martha Stewart. I have had successes and I’ve had failures. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I’m a contributor for a fun new website called The Crafty Collaborative. I was thrilled when Amanda from One Mommy’s Thoughts ask me to join her and a few friends in this new endeavor. Once I read Maren’s pitch I was hooked.

Most of you all know that lovely pinboard website Pinterest. I could spend hours pinning all sorts of pretty things. Cool ideas, yummy recipes, and fun cocktails! My one problems is that I make all these fantastic boards and I never do anything with them. It’s like when I buy a cook book. I make a couple of the recipes and then to the shelf it goes, unused for years. I’m always making the same old things. The Crafty Collaborative is us ladies doing trial runs of the hottest and most popular pins out there. Experienced or non-experienced, we’re trying them, reviewing them, and seeing if they’re worthy of your time. Is making your own finger paint truly that easy? Are Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas as good as they look and sound?

Come on by and find out. We’ve had our favorites and we’ve had our “never doing those again” moments. The Succulent Tea Cups were a definite winner. What a great gift, and easy for even those lacking a green thumb. I didn’t personally participate in this one, but I finally found something I could do with my Gram’s gorgeous tea cup she left for me. I’m mean seriously how cute are these things?

The Grilled Flank Steak and the really unique Strawberry Bruschetta were two other big hits we enjoyed. The Enamel Vases on the otherhand….pain. in. the. ass.

So come on over and see me at The Crafty Collaborative. I promise you’ll get a good laugh and maybe even find  yourself inspired to try out some of those pins on your Pinterest boards. Follow us on Pinterest and Twitter!!

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  1. Thanks all for your support! We are having so much fun and LOVE having Sheri on board – she always adds great insight and lots of laughs!

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