The Potty Pipeline

I think I failed to introduce our newest member of the family. His name is Patch-Eye Jack. For months we discussed getting a lizard. Logan worked really hard to get a lizard after kindergarten graduation, but then ended up opting for a fish, which I must admit really surprised me (and I was thankful).

Getting Patch-Eye Jack was a process. First, I purchased a tiny fish tank for the boys.  A trial fish tank. I planned on getting one fish like the fat-belly goldfish “Bud” I had in college. The girl at the pet store suggested we just get a few feeder fish to start off with instead. I took her advice. The boys scrubbed the little pirate ornament and plant we purchased and we put the three tiny fish in the little “trial” tank. By the end of the week the fish were all dead. I was surprised that the boys took it okay. I then had to admit that it was all mommy’s fault because I didn’t condition the water like I should have.

A few weeks later Logan and I went to the pet store. Of course it was after hours of talking, pestering, and just not shutting up! We just had to go there to say hello to the $600 dollar parrot that “took a liking” to him as he says it, which he is going to get when he’s a grown-up. We decided to get a fish for the bigger fish tank that he had cleaned and set up with so much thought and love. During our visit it was recommended to let the filter run for a couple days before adding a fish. Logan was amazingly patient…just FYI, Logan is not very patient…like ever. We FINALLY got a beautiful little fish and named him Patch-Eye Jack.

Patch-Eye Jack has been with us for at about a month.  They debate who will feed him each morning. However, there was one little boy, ONE little boy who had a problem following the rules of the fish tank. The main rule…DO NOT TOUCH THE FISH TANK! Somebody got in trouble yesterday for sticking their hands in the fish tank, not once but TWICE. On his second plunge he knocked down the rock cave. The rock cave that Patch-Eye Jack liked to hang out in. You can guess the rest. Needless to say, his brothers are not too happy with him. The injured Patch-Eye Jack didn’t make it through the night. What has surprised me is how hard their taking it. Logan cried because Patch-Eye Jack died without a friend. “He never got to have a friend and now he’s dead!” Deacon just bawled is little brown eyes out. Finnegan… Mr. Finn, just keeps saying “Sorry Patch-Eye Jack.” We talked about fishy heaven and having a funeral for our dear finned friend. He’s taking the potty pipeline to the Amazon I’m told. “The part where there’s no piranhas” they added.

So farewell Patch-Eye Jack. You’ll be missed.

They’re already begging to go to the pet store and get two more fish. Oh boy.

10 thoughts on “The Potty Pipeline

  1. I feel for them. My son got two tiny (paper clip size) mosquitofish in kindergarten from his teacher. They had babies. We saw the mother give birth! The three babies were the size of pinheads. They grew. A bit later the mother died. My son knew this would happen. His teacher told him it would. He told me. But he cried like you wouldn’t believe. His first pet. (He’s in fourth grade now and can you believe we still have two of those stinkin’ babies?)

    I hope your boys get some new fish they love. And Patch-Eye Jack is a cool name. So glad you didn’t have to endure a burial in the backyard.

  2. What a great story, Sheri. I am so impressed with Logan’s patience and coping skills. Turning out to be quite the little man! Times like this I wish we still worked together because I bet you have a wonderful story each and every day!!

  3. Rest in Peace Patch-Eyed Jack. I had a fish named Captain Jack when I was in college and he already took the trip to the Amazon so you can tell Deacon that I’m sure he was waiting for your Jack so he will have a friend there!

  4. Watching the boys as their finned friend passed, gives you a glimpse into their coping skills and emotional progress. Sounds like they are really sweet and gentle boys…….love the jumping on the bed video too!

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