School Jitters

Deacon has been so excited to start kindergarten. “How many more sleeps?” The question I have been hearing on a daily basis. Then there is Logan, who is starting 1st grade. He’s not too thrilled. “I thought you said we had a long vacation!?” Yeah kid, two and half months is a long vacation. They started school today. A bittersweet moment for me. Time to get back to packing lunches, homework battles, and fundraisers. Logan started with a cough yesterday. A fake cough that is. Already! It’s going to be a very long year.

Now most get sad, anxious, and shed tears when they send their kids to kindergarten…not me. I was more nervous about sending Logan to 1st grade because he just doesn’t want to be there. His best buddies are not in his class, he is lazy when it comes to reading, and his favorites parts of school are recess, lunch, and art class. Deacon was a champ. He got in line with his class, gave me the two thumbs-up, and was off for a “better than awesome” day. I worried about Logan all day today. I want so badly for him to love school, it kills me. When my husband sent me the message today that he said his day was “great” I let out a sigh of relief. So maybe he’s not going to be a kid that LOVES school or thinks it’s “better than awesome,” but I’ll take “great” any day.

The baby starts preschool next week. Now THAT is going to be a scary one.

4 thoughts on “School Jitters

  1. He’ll make new friends and first grade will be fun. Homework will never be fun though! Two weeks in and I am already over it! My son told us last night over dinner that he and his friends decided that they would choose an extra hour of school every day over having homework. That is how much it stinks. 😉 Fourth graders may be onto something.

  2. I would agree and I had to give that Fourth grade homework. I have a theory, teachers who are parents of young kids tend to give less homework, because they know.
    My grandson is coming home with homework, that he knows how to do, copying letters
    Four pages a night…(granted, his letters could be straighter, but that could just be fine motor coordination)….I do it with him before he is picked up from me, so he can play at home. He has been in school for two weeks and dreads homework, how is it in your home?

  3. Logan may find the year better than he expected and will most likely make new friends. Homework was always the big fight between me and my kids, too. I wish you better luck than I had. 🙂

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