Pre-School Apprehension

I knew in my gut that it was going to happen. I’ve been nervous about it for weeks, months truthfully. It happened before his little feet even hit the pavement. He had me fooled yesterday when he showed a flash of excitement. A little tease. I should have known better. I should have trusted my gut. Deep down I  knew…he was going to be the little boy who didn’t want to go to school.

It started with the arms crossed over his chest as he sat in his car seat with his head down. He had just realized that his big brothers weren’t going to school with him. Something I thought he already knew, but apparently it came right out of the left field. He wasn’t too happy. We finally made it out of the car and into the parking lot. We saw our friends in the distance and assured him he was going to be able to play with Chloe and Ella and meet more new friends. Still he apprehensively and ever slowly crossed the parking lot clinging to my leg.

I broke free hoping he would get brave and come closer to the group of us waiting outside. He just stood there and pouted.

We finally got him to come inside. He first refused to put on his name tag. I tried, my husband tried, our friends tried. Nope. Not having it. We gather on the carpet for circle time. He decided to hide under the chair instead.

However, while hiding under the chair he had perfect vision of the bins that were on the bottom shelf. The bins of fun things. The bin of “twain tar-wacks.” He contemplated for a moment when they were dismissed from the carpet and invited to explore and play. He made his way over there and asked Daddy if he could play. He started building his tracks and allowed the TA to help. Then his friend Chloe joined in too. In a matter of minutes he was having fun in pre-school. Who would have thought! He was still apprehensive. He didn’t help sing songs, but he did go up and turn the page on the story book. He played out on the playground and got in line to go back inside. I felt a bit more at ease for a moment. A brief moment. I have now been told that “I not going to school!” Thursday is his first day without parents and I already  know it’s going to be a nightmare for both him and I.

So to other mommies out there…how were your little ones first days of pre-school? My first two boys loved it…this one, he’s just my scrappy little mama’s boy.

7 thoughts on “Pre-School Apprehension

  1. With any luck, he will grow to enjoy the toys, the other play things and make new friends. It might just take a little time. Maybe he senses your apprehension and feels a little of it himself. I’m sure his teachers have had to deal with reluctant students before so should be able to figure out what will spark his interest in the classroom. 🙂

  2. My daughter loved preschool and was so excited about going to Kindergarten this year….until we got there. She hid behind me, didn’t say hi to anyone, and clung to my leg when it was time to go into the class. I was SHOCKED! But, after a few days of this, she is doing great and making new friends and enjoying playing and learning in the new environment. Sometimes it just takes them realizing that it’s time to do some things on their own and when they get the ability to tell you about their day and you act excited, it helps a lot! Plus, teachers are always great because they expect this behavior even if we don’t! I have heard that the youngest always takes it the hardest though (I will find out next year with mine – YIKES) Hang in there! He’ll be fine! 🙂

  3. My son is exactly this way. His preschool has two-way mirror observation rooms that you can sign up for. Last year, a few weeks in I signed up to have a look. He was having the best time ever. He just hates new things and he hates transitions. Once he is there he acts like his normal little self. Hugs! Hope it gets better.

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