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The Bookshelf – The Great Monster Hunt

The kids are thrilled that Halloween is near. They’re planning their costumes, which changes from day to day of course. So far we have Janga Fett, a pirate, and a bat. We’ll see if it stays that way. I myself was never really a fan of Halloween. I don’t like being scared. Logan seems to be the same way. He hates walking into the stores now because he doesn’t want to see all the masks and decorations. However, he likes to tell scary stories. Now that it’s time for fall, Halloween, and scary stories we took one of our favorite Scholastic books off the bookshelf. The Great Monster Hunt by Norbert Landa and Tim Warnes.

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You see, early one morning a strange noise woke up Duck and he called on Pig for help. Pig called on Bear. Bear called on Wolf. Wolf called on Owl, and the story of the strange noise snowballed into a lot of strange noises. “A pshh, pshh, grrr, bang bang, pam pam, growl!” The suspense grows with each new friend. But as good friends always do, they put on their game faces, put their heads together, get brave, and go to help their dear friend Duck. The end of the story always makes the boys giggle. It gets Deacon’s double-thumbs up!

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  1. Hi Sheri, Tim Warnes here. Thanks for your kind words – I really love this book too, it was such fun to do (I was especially pleased with the dawn light effects). Would you mind me quoting you on my website? We have soundbites from kids for each featured book, and I’d like to add “The end of the story always makes the boys giggle. It gets Deacon’s double-thumbs up!” Sheri, mom to the site – it’s so great! Please email me at Cheers, Tim.

  2. We are of the Bobba Fett and purchased the costume this weekend and an incredibly marked up price in a Halloween store.

    I love the book, so much in fact I am going to recommend it for the school library.

    You book reviews are so real.


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