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Sunday Funday

Our “Sunday Funday” has changed drastically over the years and even with the seasons. Sunday Funday to my husband and I would usually be watching football all day in the fall and winter. Oh how I miss those days. Tons of family and friends, food, and football. Miami Dolphins football. Yeah, back when they were really good. Marino days… Those were our Sundays. When it wasn’t football season we would be camping with the dog or just chilling out watching movies all day, maybe taking the motorcycle out for spin. They were days of relaxation.

Fast-forward…enter the kids. Oh how the days have changed. Sundays are still fun, just different. Sunday Funday in the summer is usually spent by the pool pulling swimmies on and off, and on and off AGAIN. Yelling “No splashing! Walking feet! No pushing! No peeing in the pool! Who’s got to get out and pee?!” Constantly arguing about putting on dry clothes.

Me: No, you’re going to want to go back in again.

Child: Not, uh!

Me: I’m not changing you.

Child: But MOMMY!! I’m not going in again.

I cave, slip off the wet suit like I’m peeling a wrapper off melted toffee, and then attempt to get their damp bodies into dry clothes.

10 minutes later…”Mom can I go swimming?” You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!

Well the pool is closing and the weather is getting cooler. Football season is here and I haven’t watched a single game yet. Mommyhood. I even cancelled our Sunday Ticket because they just can’t let me sit and enjoy more than one play without complaining. I’m hoping that will all change soon. Very soon.

So today we had our own little Sunday Funday. Pancakes for breakfast. Beating up Dad with swords and Nerf darts, possibly even a whisk or spatula if I recall correctly. We planted some mums. I had to convince them that it’s just too early to get pumpkins, that will be another Sunday Funday. They really, really, wanted to decorate the house so I bargained that they had to do their chores and help out a little extra, which they did. We made bats out of construction paper. About 12 of them are now taped to the ceilings all around the house. And what would bats be if they didn’t have ghosts flying around with them as well. So we made about 8 ghosts. I finally had to put the brakes on when they asked that I make werewolves and mummies. We topped the day off with a trip to the creamery for dinner and sundaes. Clown sundaes for the older boys and a “bug” sundae for Finn. Frozen gummie worms are pretty nasty if you ask me.

What do you do on your Sunday Fundays?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Everybody watches football. 😉 It took my husband years to get my son to watch football and when he could finally sit still long enough to watch it, he started asking my husband ten million questions. I think he liked it better when my son just played. Now they have to get up during commercials and go outside for their own “game” of football, which includes my son wearing his Eagles helmet. It’s hilarious. My son knows all the players, all the teams. Be careful what you wish for! While all of this is going on, I cook or read. I love it!

  2. Sounds like the boys are getting hyped for Halloween! Sounds like you had a fun Sunday, although a little exhausting, I imagine. I can remember having that frazzled feeling once the kids were in bed after a day like that!

    My Sunday was spent entertaining Grandson, who had slept over, then rushing to tidy up so I could host my Writers Group. I’m not sure I was able to get all the sticky fingerprints off of everything before they arrived, but they didn’t seem to notice. 🙂

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