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When the kids go to bed the list of to-dos starts. I clean the kitchen, pack the lunches, get their back packs squared away, and get going on the laundry. If I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll squeeze in a run. After all is done I pour a glass of wine, plop on the couch, fold laundry while watching repeats of my favorite shows (can’t wait for my Fall TV next week!) This is my typical evening. Occasionally it changes, sometimes my husband and I will watch a movie or catch up on Person of Interest, but the norm is wine and relaxing by 9.

Wednesday was like every other evening, but this time the kids miraculously went right to sleep. No getting out of bed. No chattering or throwing stuffed animals. Sure it didn’t have anything to do with my threat of taking away a toy and then NEVER earning it back. It would be going straight to charity…I know, mean mommy. Don’t judge. It worked and they still love me! I poured my wine and grabbed the remote. Nothing was on, the norm for me. I’m not a fan of reality TV. I folded a load of laundry and started flipping through the DVR.

I looked around the room. A mess. I had no energy or desire to pick anything up. If the dogs ate the toys that was the kids’ loss. However, the two Ninjago Lego ninjas caught my eye. I didn’t want the dogs eating them, so I picked them and put them in the Lego bucket. Then it happened. It’s a tad embarrassing. This mama grabbed her wine and the bucket of Legos and starting building. Just me and the dogs. I told myself that I was just rebuilding Pteranodon Tower because I felt bad that Finn broke it. The reality of it is that I just wanted to play Legos…alone, without the kids. It was relaxing, aside from having trouble finding a few of the pieces. So Wednesday night I drank wine and played with Legos…and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Photo Credit: Lego.com

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  1. Sounds like the best evening ever! (And if you become addicted to the Legos, there are whole clubs, conferences, and probably support groups standing by for you.:> (PS: There’s a fabulous Lego exhibit at the Arizona Science Center right now, and the “build it yourself” section was just as riveting for me as it was for Mbot!)

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