My Big Boy Baby

For months I have been telling him he’s a big boy. He’s potty trained and starting pre-school. He’s putting his plate in the sink after dinner and he’s helping me do yard work. What a big boy! Now being the youngest of three boys I figured he would be thrilled to be put in the same category as his brothers. However, every time I told Finnegan “you’re a big boy now!” he would reply to me “No. I’m the baby!” Oye.

True, he is my baby. He’ll always be my baby. I was just really waiting for the happy exclamation “I’m a BIG boy!!” But no. He likes being the baby apparently.

I hugged him tight tonight before putting him in bed. I whispered in his ear “Oh, my baby, I love you so.” Then I got yelled at. “NO Mom! I’m a BIG boy!” There you have it. He’s embraced his big boy status…but now I’m a wee bit sad. My baby.

12 thoughts on “My Big Boy Baby

  1. aaawww- I know what you mean!! Especially the last part – he’s moving into a 3T (finally) and I’m in denial! Except, I wonder if I’m making him just as confused b/c I do call him my BIG BOY and sometimes – when we snuggle – I call him my baby 🙂 Oh well! I love the post!

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