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The Bookself – Quack and Count

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Logan pulled Quack and Count by Keith Baker off of the bookshelf and exclaimed, “We haven’t read this book in forever!” True my boy. I forgot about that one. A perfect one for both Finnegan and Deacon. I remember when Logan used to count every single duck on every page. My first born…truthfully I miss that one-on-one time, but that’s another story. One of the things I love about this book is the illustrations. The illustrations are a cut-paper collage. They’re fantastic  and the kids love them. The big draw to this book, the reason I think it’s so great for my boys, is that it makes them enjoy counting and math.

“Seven ducklings in a row count those ducklings as they go!” The kids love to count them. The book then progresses with the same set of seven ducklings, but it goes from 5 plus 2, to 4 plus 3, and so on. The boys just love it. So many variations but the total is always seven. I must admit that I absolutely adore hearing Finn count. It amazes me how they just absorb and learn things.

“Paddling, flapping, reaching high, 7 ducklings start to…FLY!”

An excellent book for counting! The McShane boys recommend it.

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