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Getting My Freak On and Signing Up for Another 5K

Image Credit: epfdfreak5k.com

I got the bug and signed up for another 5k. A local race in my town put on by the Fire Department to support the Community Fund, which goes to various organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Little League, etc. The Freaky 5K! I can’t wait. We even get to get dressed in costume. The wheels are turning and suggestions are welcome! And to my local readers, you should sign up too! Now time to get back to training. I’ve been down to about one run a week lately.

Now THIS time, unlike LAST time, I printed out the course map and now have mile markers so I can pace myself accordingly. Wish me luck!

Costume suggestions please. Something I can actually run in. Something not like this…

14 thoughts on “Getting My Freak On and Signing Up for Another 5K

  1. Dressing up for a run, sounds like fun. Let’s see . . . you could be running towards something or away from something. How about a referee since you’re probably used to chasing your kids from fighting? At least I’m in the habit of doing that anyway.

  2. I think you should dress up as a spider. That way you will run really fast because you will be dying to take off the costume!

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