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Baking Pumpkin Awesomeness At The Crafty Collaborative

I’m over at The Crafty Collaborative baking something pumpkin and super yummy! Even my husband, who is not a huge pumpkin fan, was floored by these babies. “Oh, ahh, and oh my God!” If I closed my eyes it was like being in Starbucks… until I was tagged in the back by a Nerf dart.

6 thoughts on “Baking Pumpkin Awesomeness At The Crafty Collaborative

  1. I’m not sure I really like pumpkin-y things all that much. I try them every year but I’ve not found anything I’ve really enjoyed. But, I feel so bad throwing away all of the insides we dig out. Need to find something! And, I’m a Dude Mom too! I’m gonna have to add you to my Dude Mom Lifers List!

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