Breakfast Time

Look at this picture. Is this a reality for any of you? Breakfast at the table as a family. I watch sitcoms where the mother is all dressed and ready, the lunches are packed, scrambled eggs and bacon are on the stove, juice is being poured out of a beautiful glass pitcher, the kids come down dressed and ready for school, Dad is reading the newspaper, and they’re discussing the upcoming day’s events. Give me a break! Sure there is a little banter and some eye-rolling, but it’s still just nice. Is this actually possible?

My reality…being lucky enough to get through my shower before anyone wakes up, and not hearing that dreadful knock on the bathroom door letting me know the race is about to begin. Who has time for all this breakfast bonding? Our morning routine is a race. No matter how much prep is done at night it’s still chaotic.

“Get dressed.”

“I told you to get dressed.”

“Are you dressed yet?”

“Why aren’t you dressed yet!!!?” as my blood pressure starts to rise to an unhealthy level then I realize another little bugger has woken up and is added to the mix. This means I have to finish getting ready for work really fast before I have to play referee.

My idea of breakfast in the morning? Yeah, that’s only for the kids. Waffles or cereal boys? You’re not going to find me making omlets, pancakes, or scrambled eggs.

Shoes! Don’t get me started. If they put their shoes in the shoe tray every day we wouldn’t be on a mission every morning trying to the find them. Then there is the constant reminder to actually put them on their feet….20 times. Don’t forget the socks!

My morning routine is nothing like the shows I see on TV. I don’t even get my coffee until we’re out the door and pulling through the drive-thru of the coffee shop. We’re lucky to make it out the door on time nevermind have time to sit around the table as a family eating a hot breakfast.

You could say it’s just the life of a family, but even when it was just my husband and I it was never like that. Take the show Friends for instance. It always baffled me. How the heck do they have time to get up, get ready for work, and still sit and relax at Central Perk or in Monica’s kitchen. You wouldn’t find me going to a friend’s house for breakfast before going to work. It’s absurd.

I know, it’s a TV show. It’s not reality. But still can you imagine having that picture perfect morning every day.

What are your mornings like? Are you mornings ANYTHING like that?

8 thoughts on “Breakfast Time

  1. So glad to see this post! Yesterday, we had an AWFUL morning, which ended in me saying something I regret that made my daughter cry. She seemed to have completely forgotten how to get dressed and I hadn’t made her lunch the night before and I was rushing around trying to get stuff ready while she stalled. It’s so stressful sometimes. Yesterday afternoon, I had her write down a list of things she needs to do in the morning, and then I reminded her of that today and things actually went a little smoother. We have a two-minute sand-timer that the dentist gave her, and it is my savior. When I remember, I just flip the sand-timer over and say, “You have two minutest to get dressed… finish breakfast… get your shoes and coat…” or whatever. And then I just walk away. And it works! She needs the visual, and the lack of an audience seems to help. Now, if only I could always remember to use it, instead of getting all upset and engaged in a power-struggle. And yes, somehow, miraculously, every member of our blended family sat at the table together for a couple of overlapping minutes this morning. I think that was the first time it had ever happened. It was a happy moment. But we were quite a bit more disheveled-looking than the family in the picture!

      1. The sand-timer works so well, because she can actually see the time slipping away… unlike the timer on the kitchen stove. Good luck! It’s hard!

  2. Our mornings are much more like yours. I’m convinced tv families are created just to make us feel like bad parents even though you totally know there is no way a real family could do it! I always get teased by my husband because I am queen of having to reheat my coffee 30 times before I actually get to drink it. Thank God for the microwave (another piece of equipment that I proudly use despite the bad connotations)! 🙂

  3. Ah! I remember those hectic school day mornings just like yours. Not once did they ever resemble the TV versions, except on the weekends when we were all well-rested with plenty of time for the fully cooked breakfasts. 🙂

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