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One of Our Favorite Activities

Finding an activity the entire family can enjoy is sometimes a challenge, especially if you’re trapped inside due to bad weather. As you all know, hurricane Sandy whipped up the east coast leaving a path of destruction. We were very fortunate and blessed in our little corner of our town. We kept our power and there was no flood damage to the house. In preparation for Sandy I had all sorts of indoor activities planned for the boys. Painting, puzzles, drawing, baking cookies, and hide and seek. I also had glow sticks on hand for if the power went out. They love having glow stick dance parties. It’s like a mini-rave in our living room. But what did they want to do? They wanted to build a fort.

Now they didn’t want just any old fort. They wanted a BIG fort. One they could sleep in. In came the big guns…Dad. I had to enforce a few rules ahead of time; “No 2x4s and power drills this time.” Dad has been known to drill 2x4s to the walls to build beyond awesome forts. Suddenly, while baking cookies all by myself, I heard the furniture upstairs moving. Oh boy. I mean all of the furniture. The tables, the couch, the shelf. All of it. Even the television was placed on the ground inside the fort. Not only that, mattresses too. They did say they wanted to sleep in it after all.

Building a “beyond awesome, BIG fort” takes some time. It also takes a little brotherly teamwork, which we’ve been needing around our house lately. I was then summoned upstairs to view the monstrosity.

The boys were absolutely thrilled and proud of their giant fort. What made it even better was the entire family fit inside it comfortably. We had Movie Night. Despicable Me, popcorn, and Goldfish all in a family-size fort…it doesn’t get better than that.

They were super thrilled when I told them it was okay to keep it up all night and sleep in it. We added some christmas lights and off to sleep they went.

They weren’t too thrilled when I took it down the next day. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

6 thoughts on “One of Our Favorite Activities

  1. Blanket forts are the best, that is, until somebody spills the milk they weren’t supposed to have in there all over the blankets, thus growing the laundry pile! Oh well, fun while it lasts!! 🙂 Glad you all fared well in the hurricane.

  2. What fun! I remember putting up blanket forts as a kid and my parents bought my kids ‘bed tents’ that fit over a bed so they could feel like they’re camping out. They loved them!

    You’ve certainly made some wonderful memories that your boys will remember for a lifetime, too.

    I’m also happy to hear that you were unaffected by Sandy. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you guys are OK and looks like you had a great time during Sandy. I remembered your fort and built one today while we were watching our nephew, Gavin. It was only a little one that Gavin kept calling the Jungle Cave. I’m not sure where he got that from because I was teaching him other things to say. hahaha…

  4. I love the fort building! 🙂 Glad Sandy stayed out of your town. We had a lot of rain and wind here, but not too much in the line of power outages. Thank goodness!

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