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Happy Birthday Great Gram!

Deacon has such a warm heart and it often catches me by surprise. A few weeks ago just he and I went for a ride to the store to get a birthday gift for one of his friends. On our way there he said, “Mom, we haven’t gone to Great Gram’s statue in a long time, can we go there like right now?” It took me back a little. He was just thinking of her out of the blue. On the way home we stopped to say hello to Great Gram. He told her about his last day at soccer, his game, and his trophy. Then he asked if he could give her statue a hug. I had to hold back the tears. Where did all this sweetness come from? As we were leaving he said, “Next time we’ll bring you pink flowers and a donut! Bye!” I’m blessed that all my boys got to meet Great Gram before she passed and shared donuts with her.

Today was her birthday. Again, Deacon surprised me with his warm heart and love for my grandmother. He suggested we send her some balloons to heaven. So that’s what we did. Deacon insisted on writing a message.

And off they went to heaven…after singing Happy Birthday in the front yard. The neighbors must think we’re nuts.

Happy Birthday Great Gram! We love you so!

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  1. He is such a good egg. I would have been balling writing the message on the balloons. Great job, Sheri – you are doing something right…actually you and Martin are doing a lot of things right!

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