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The Bookshelf – The Book Fair

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We had the book fair at school last week. I was really excited for the boys to pick out some new books. Some can get tiresome to read night after night, you know what I mean? I was anticipating getting some new books we could all enjoy together. Good stories. Funny stories. Beautiful illustrations.

It was a fail. I saw plenty of books I thought the kids would enjoy. “Deacon, how about this one?” “Finn, do you want a new Llama book?” My “new reader” suggestions to Logan were denied. He just wanted non-fiction books on snakes. Eew. Come on guys, Mommy wants good books too! I’m the one that has to read them after all.

Deacon’s purchases were two Lego Star Wars books. Seriously, these books are awful. I can’t stand them. He loves them. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t even get half of the puns in them. Finn wanted a book on panda bears. Not even a cute story with a panda, just a book about panda bears.

Their selections were not my idea of good night story reading. I think “Santa” is going to have to revamp the bookshelf this season. Seriously, how many times can I read Komodo vs. King Cobra…who will win? Those fangs give me nightmares.

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8 thoughts on “The Bookshelf – The Book Fair

  1. I used to love book fairs at the kids’ school and often volunteered to man it so I could have more time to peruse the tables upon tables of books! Isn’t it funny how kids’ thoughts on what constitutes a good book varies greatly from ours? Well, as far as the Star Wars books go, I guess every kid needs his hero and dinosaurs (and other reptiles) never go out of style. Maybe a letter to Santa about what YOU’d like to see in their stockings might help you out a little. 🙂

  2. oh, it never stops. I thought the book repeating games would be over during third grade. But he keeps dragging out all his favorites to read in bed at night. And you have a house full of readers! Lucky Momma

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