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The Bookshelf – May I Please Have A Cookie?

After last weeks book fair fail I ordered some books from I wanted to get some good beginner reader books for Logan. I am having a hard time getting him excited about reading books on his own. I saw the alligator on this book, May I Please Have A Cookie? by Jennifer E. Morris and knew I just had to get it. He loves anything of the reptile/dinosaur genre.

First I had him read me the book. Then his brothers wanted me to read it to them at bedtime. All I have to say is that all three of them love this book. Such a great message on manners as well. I think I have had to read it every night for the past week. Logan also did an excellent job reading it and was engaged in the story. No prying the words out of him. This was a great addition to our bookshelf. We love Alfie!

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    1. Manners are so important. It’s tough when they seem to mysteriously “fly out the window” when you REALLY need them. I can’t wait to give this as a gift! So cute.

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