Leave Day

One thing I look forward every fall is raking leaves with the boys. It may be an exhausting task but I still love it. We make a huge pile of leaves and they have a ball. I mean just look how happy they are here…

We worked on the leaves this weekend. Well I should correct that, Logan and I worked on the leaves. The other two were counter-productive running through the slow emerging pile we were trying to create. The big pile was made and the jumping festivities began. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? What actually happens? One wants to jump in while the other one is pretending to be swimming in Uncle Jimmy’s pool. One doesn’t wait for the other to get out of the wayΒ and a collision occurs. One wants to get buried and then screams when leaves go down his sweatshirt…now he’s itchy. I tell them it’s time to bag them and a breakdown occurs. They play a little longer and then Finnegan arises from the pile with a baby slug on his head. Yeah, you read that correctly, slug! Leave time is over.

Leave fun, yay or nay?

7 thoughts on “Leave Day

  1. EWWW to slugs, but YAY to jumping into fall leaves! My girls love to collect leaves and I just found a leaf under our dining room table about 10 minutes ago, leftover from the ones they brought inside to craft with. Love this time of year!

  2. Leaves are definitely fun to play in, but I’m thinking the slugs should just stay hidden! πŸ™‚ We live in Florida so 95% of the state doesn’t see leaves falling and changing, but since we’re at the top, we get to experience it, play in the leaf piles, and pretend we are getting ready for the snow (though I will totally admit that I am glad our leaves falling doesn’t actually lead to snow – total Florida girl at heart; one that thinks any weather under 60 is COLD!) πŸ™‚

  3. Leaf Fun! I can just see them! We had a torrential rain last weekend and our yards are covered in leaves too! I feel your pain! We are lucky to be able just tarp them to the street where the city comes for them.

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