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The Bookshelf – Some Christmas Preparation

I’m going to share with you some of the books I take off the shelf at Christmas time. As much as I try teaching the boys about the true meaning of Christmas, the poor things are inundated with toy catalogs and commercials all over. They tend to get obsessed and want EVERYTHING!

We have a few Berenstain Bear books that are perfect for the holiday season. I encourage you to share them with your children.

The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Commercials – I was thrilled to find this little treasure. It helps us out all year round with those stinking commercials. Brother and Sister bear learn a great lesson that things aren’t always what they seem in commercials. You can’t just buy every toy and cereal out there. They certainly learn their lesson with the super sour suckers they wanted so badly.

The Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need  – This is one I have shared here before. It emphasizes on how some people have so much and others so little. It is important to help others in need, even if it just means sitting with someone and playing a game of cards. Little things can go a long way.

The Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear – This one really helped us with the long Christmas lists. Brother bear teaches Sister bear that she’s not the only cub in the world. Keep it simple or Santa will think you’re too greedy.

Good luck to you all trying to keep your children tame through the holiday hoopla!

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  1. It’s like you read my mind. Berenstein Bears books are the best – I always read them to my kids when they were little and the lessons are so important. They remember too! We received a collection from my cousin who outgrew them and we still adore them. Thanks so much.

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