I’m Not Going There

I’m not going to talk about the recent horrific event. I’m not going to talk about the sadness, the fear, and what feels like acid burning in my stomach when I drop my boys off at school. I’m not going to talk about the spontaneous tears that are shed at any given moment throughout my day. I’m just going to share some funny tidbits I’ve had with my kids over the past few days. Because, after something like this you just wanted to embrace and remember every single moment.

At my observation that the boys’ christmas lights in their room were suddenly all working. Deacon – “That means someone must have defeated the Death Star so now they are all working.” I never realized the Death Star had the “force” to make only half the strand of lights work. Who knew? Congratulations to the Jedi that defeated it.

Playing with clay. “What are you going to make?” Logan – “I’m going to make God’s dad.” Do you mean Jesus’ dad, God?” “Oh yeah, silly me.” “So you know what God looks like?” contemplating… “Um, no. I’m just going to make baby Jesus.”

Asking the three year old what he wants for breakfast. “Waffles, pancakes, cereal, or a banana?” “I want marshmallows.” Sorry, not happening buddy unless you sneak them…which he did. Priceless moment walking into the kitchen to find your child on the counter with a bag of marshmallows, feeding his 7 year old brother. At least he shares, right?


Their thoughts on the Grinch. “He needs a mommy just like Captain Hook does.”

Enjoy your babies everyone. Hug them, kiss them, and smell their hair. Watch them sleep. Laugh with them. What funny things have they said lately? Please share. Go ahead, have some marshmallows for breakfast.

12 thoughts on “I’m Not Going There

  1. I feel like we share so many similar thoughts when it comes to the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Thank you for opening your heart here. I have definitely squeezed my children a little tighter every day since the tragic event. I watched my daughter’s school Christmas concert today and wanted to cry at times, but I found myself treasuring every moment of every song with a huge smile on my face. This was a happy memory and I HAD to hold onto it and leave it as that.

  2. Perfect. Thank you. 🙂 Not that I needed permission to NOT go there, but I feel justified now. Don’t dwell on the bad… I’ve been soaking in every little thing about my babes, even the attitude and snark, because I CAN.

  3. Since Friday I’ve tried to soak every little thing in. I always thought I was, but now it’s on my kind constantly. And I don’t want to miss a moment.

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