A Little Bit of Panic Setting In

Okay, now that I’m nearly done and the presents are wrapped, the grocery shopping is done, the cookies are made, and the house is cleaned…I just realized I forgot something. I never did the Toy Shuffle. The Toy Shuffle, a vital part of my holiday preparations. How could I have forgotten to grab my ninja suit and stealthfully enter the toy room and return with a trash bag of unused toys? The thought of more stuff sets me into a panic. I keep thinking of the Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need, when Mama bear has a dream that everything is coming after her chanting “too much stuff, too much stuff!”

Look at this mess! I can’t bear it! I guess I’ll be up past midnight tonight trying to clear some of this out…skillfully of course. Ahhhhh!


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Panic Setting In

    1. Did my covert clean up while my little one was playing at a friends house this morning. One contractor bag full & I feel 100 times better! Good luck!

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