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Pulling It Back Together

The holidays are over. We survived. It’s sad that it’s sometimes more about survival than actual enjoyment. Now that it’s passed, it’s time to pull everything back together. Starting with my second floor. You see we host Christmas Eve. Between my family and my husband’s siblings there are nine kids. Over the past couple ofyears, we’ve added to our gathering by inviting friends that didn’t have plans with family. We had 13 kids here on Christmas Eve. Yeah, THIRTEEN! Thirteen children running amuck upstairs. I knew there would be a mess, truly I did. But OH MY! The toy box top was off it’s hinges completely, and no I am not exaggerating. Every cube, basket, and bin of toys was dumped out…breaking the “no dumping” rule. Stuffed animals were everywhere. They even found the costume box, which was actually quite funny. They all kept coming down in costumes. They even put on a show about a dragon catching a turkey and then getting caught by Janga Fett. At one point we had an Australian looking Luke Skywalker, well actually he kind of looked like a pimp from 1973. The important thing is that there was no fighting and the kids had a blast. I however did not have a blast trying to reorganize….but it forced me to get it done.


We had such a great time Christmas Eve. There was so much laughter. The stress and preparations were worth it. Now that it’s done it is time to put a little focus back on myself. Take care of me again. I’m a knotted mess.  I can’t wait to take down the Christmas tree that is holding my treadmill hostage. Time to stop enjoying cookies for breakfast and get back to some actual nourishment. It’s also time to get back to blogging more regularly.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and cheers to a new year!


** I must add, they didn’t find the Legos. I consider myself lucky!

7 thoughts on “Pulling It Back Together

  1. Finally getting around to reading a month of blog posts! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. Although I haven’t commented on all the posts, I did enjoy your first snowfall post and learning about all the Christmas books. The only ones I’d read to my kids were Santa Bear and The Grinch, so I added a few to my list of books for Grandson. 🙂

    Glad to read that you survived all the hoopla! Thirteen munchkins doing what munchkins do best can be a little daunting! The dress-up part reminded me of get-togethers with my cousins when I was small, putting on impromptu skits – although nothing as elaborate as Star Wars! lol

    Despite the mess they left behind, I’m sure everyone will remember the event with fondness. 🙂

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