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Finally! Snow to Play In!


Sure we live in New England, but we really don’t get snow too often. Enough snow to play in that is. The boys have been waiting and waiting to use their snow boots and snow pants. Every time there would be a flurry they would ask, “will there be snow to play in tomorrow?” Nope, it quickly turns to rain. We got our first good snowfall this weekend. They were beyond thrilled. Snow angel time!

snow1                           snow

But I think the happiest of all may have been Allie. Look at that smile!snow4

4 thoughts on “Finally! Snow to Play In!

  1. my kids are jealous! 🙂 We just went to the mountains in Georgia (which is what we Floridians call “up north”) and they saw frost on the leaves and thought that was heaven. They are so deprived here in Florida! haha!

  2. You guys should come visit the mid-west. We get snow that sticks around for about half the year! They’d quickly get their fill of the white stuff – but then they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic. Love Allie’s grin! 🙂

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