New Years: 20s vs. 30s

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New Year’s Eve in my 20s was always a good time. It was something my husband and I would look forward to. We would plan ahead with friends and make reservations. I’d find a fun outfit and we would hit the town. Ten of us friends would usually end up at Oki, a hibachi style Japanese restaurant. We would have so much fun and laugh so hard that our faces would be covered in tears. Some would have one too many Geisha Girl cocktails, maybe a little sake, but it was always a great time.

As we all started buying homes, the parties ended up being house parties. Staying up till midnight was easy. Glitter, noise-makers, and champagne. No complaning of the cheap aluminum foil tiara was digging into the side of my head. We rung in the New Year right. Then sending text messages to your friends, hitting one number multiple times just to get to the correct letter.

Fast-forward… we had kids. The huge New Years game changer. This is what 11PM on New Year’s Eve looks like…

Woman Sleeping

Honestly, I don’t even mind it. I don’t want to get decked out and go to a restaurant with a 7pm reservation and not be seated until 9pm. I’m all set. I want to wear my oh-so-glamorous sweats, put my kids to bed, have a beer, and then turn in before the ball drops. We’ve had opportunities to take our kids to friends’ houses and ring in the New Year family style, but who wants to have their kids on the road with all the drunken idiots out there? We just stay home.

Now this year, my parents have offered to take the kids for the night. I haven’t a clue on what to do. It’s too late to make a dinner reservation…and trufully I don’t want to. We could go to our friend’s house and take part in the family style New Years Eve and feel guilty that we are sans kids. Maybe I’ll just make a nice dinner and actually get to eat while it’s still hot and not get interrupted 5 times with requests for more bread and butter, chocolate milk, or cucumbers. Maybe I might throw on that little black dress with all of the martinis embroidered on it. Seriously, I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to embrace this opportunity and part me wants to kick my husband’s butt in Wii bowling and go to bed early.

My how things have changed.

Happy New Year Everyone!

9 thoughts on “New Years: 20s vs. 30s

  1. I bet your Mom and Dad remember when they went out on New Years and partied till the sun came up. Now they are babysitting for grandchildren. Which I’m sure they love. Time flys. Have fun and enjoy. Love you all

  2. I was just thinking about all of the years in my 20’s where I spent my NYE’s in Boston at some club or bar with friends. Then it went to dinner and a possible house party. Now this year we were going to stay in with little Miss Kaitlin but a friend decided to have a last minute party for “friends with kids and no place to go on NYE” party! LOL Happy New Year! XOXO

  3. I smiled all the way through this…spot on, sister! Kids are a game changer. Frustrating at times, but oh so worth it. I too have no desire to do a damn thing tonight. Cheers!! Here’s to no hangover tomorrow. (Now seriously, have naked Wii night, drink too much and rock his world! Woot woot)

  4. Hope you had a good night. We stayed in with the kids and it was busy just as it is every night. Someday soon we’ll get a break–enjoy yours!

  5. Just wait another couple of decades when you go to bed at 10:30 only to be awakened by the boom of fireworks being set off at the local community centre! lol

    Hope you beat your hubby at Wii Bowling! 🙂

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