Flattery…I’ll Take It!

Yesterday I was called “beautiful” multiple times, while in workout clothes and a pony-tail on top of my head to boot. I was called “my sweet honey.” My cheeks were stroked and a kiss was planted on my lips. I was told I was “skinny,” “super strong,” and “the best!” All in an hour from my 5-year-old. WATCH OUT little ladies. Dads, tie up your girls. My little Casanova lays it on thick. The best thing of all, he wasn’t just buttering me up because he wanted something. He’s just truly that sweet. He must say goodbye to his teacher four times before finally leaving. A gesture complete with a thumbs-up of course.

Case and point, his declaration last valentines day to his classmate.

He had me thinking. Just a tiny little compliment can really make someone’s day. A sweet gesture. An extra long hug…you know the ones with the real good squeeze that relieves all the tension in you body. My husband is the master at those. Go brighten someone’s day today and tell them how wonderful they are. I know it made me smile. This world needs more smiles.


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