Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

I decided to link up with Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday’s Top Five Laughs. I always get a kick out of her Saturday posts. So I’m going share with you some of my laughs I experienced this week.

  1. Finding Nerf darts in the Christmas tree while taking down all of the ornaments. At least the tree remained standing after being attacked by the little minions.

Nerf Dart

  1. The boys LOVE to workout with me. Deacon was rearing to go for week 3 of Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Finnegan then decided to join us using toy missals as weights and pretending they were SO heavy. exaggerated breath, followed by a grunt

  2. My husband slipped on some ice going to the mailbox. That of course is not the funny part. The funny part was the swift ninja moves to get back up quickly and look around to make sure none of the neighbors saw.

  3. While trying to reach for something that was purposely put out of arms reach, Finnegan exclaimed, “Mom, help. My armpits not that big!”

  4. “Mom, there’s something wrong with me.” “What is it?” “Check my pants.” “There’s nothing there.” “Phew! I think I farted 6 times today. Like what’s wrong with me? If I sharted, that would be embarrassing.” Alrighty then. That’s my boy!


4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

  1. So glad to have you link up! Haha- I love that you got a nerf attack when cleaning out the tree. Too funny! Too cute with #4 and I am jealous you can work out with them! LOL- I love Finnegan saying my armpits are not too big. Such cute laughs!

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