Some Doggy Love

the dogs

I’m also a doggy momma. I share so much about the boys, I figured I would give the dogs a proper introduction.


Avery – aka “the old man”.

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla arriving to our family via the Red Dog Ranch in Ramona, California.

Age: 11

Traits: Whiney and stubborn just like any old other old man.

Prefers to sleep with a blanket over his head.

Cat-like tendencies: Licks himself to clean up.

Obsessed with lotion, even fragrant free lotion. Lovely taking your baby out of the bath, lathering them up with lotion, and finding your dog lick them head to toe while in their bouncy seat.

Talents: Holding baby socks in his mouth without chewing them up, opening doors, and driving me absolutely mad with whining for absolutely EVERYTHING!


Allie – aka “big butt girl”

Breed: Weimaraner

Age: 7

Traits: Bold, very bold.

6 inches of room on the couch and she’ll place her paws there until you move so she can sleep there.

Cat-like tendencies: Getting on top of the dining room table, laying across the backrest of the couch, and getting onto the counter (before she had such a big butt). Oh and she purrs. Yes, seriously.

Has a love for all things that are bad for her. Brownies, a bowl of sugar, fudge, full sticks of butter, bars of Dove soap (sensitive skin of course), and cupcakes. She then chases them down with coffee. Be careful where you place your mug in my house.

Talents: Jumping the fence like a gazelle, brazenly eating food off the table or counter while looking at you, and being the best playing fetch dog ever.

They are a lot of work, they drive me crazy, and make the house a mess…but of course I love them. Wow, I just realized that fits the kids as well!

16 thoughts on “Some Doggy Love

  1. omg they are adorable! And yes, I have a cat that thinks he’s a human toddler — he will just sit and stare til you welcome him into your lap. And he used to jump from the floor to the top of the fridge (straight, no counter) to steal a loaf of bread. To then taste each bit of it through the plastic. because somehow each slice tastes different??? Love it, thanks for sharing!

  2. they’re so adorable and i LOVE how you profiled them! hysterical. (“big butt girl.” LOL.) Dogs truly are family members. I loved having them my whole life, and I love big dogs the most. I can’t wait to someday have one again, down the road!

  3. Cute doggies! We also have two dogs. Zoey a golden- yellow lab mix and Ruby a mini schauzer. They are great with the kids!

  4. I just read this out loud to my husband because it reminded us of our dog, Daisy. She also enjoys standing on tables and eating “poison” Oh, but she doesn’t play fetch. If you throw a ball/frisbee/potato chip her way, it will just smack her in the face…..the dog can’t catch to save her life!! But boy can she RUN!

  5. Your dogs are too cute!! (and two of my favorite breeds) I love that you put “cat like qualities” for each one!

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