Saturday’s Rant

Woman Shouting with Bullhorn

I was going to write a post about an hour ago, but realized I should cool off a bit. Do some deep breathing and jug  pour a glass of wine. Otherwise my post might be filled with foul language and horrible things about my children. Truthfully, they really aren’t that bad. They have good manners and listen…most of the time. There are just some days where they just CHOOSE not to listen. One thing I can’t stand is having to repeat myself. I hate it. Now reminding them twice to do something is one thing, saying it over and over FIVE times…another.

“Put on your shoes.” x 6 x 3 kids = 18 times.

“Put on your coat.” x 5 x 3 kids = 15 times

“Don’t forget hats!” x 4

“Don’t run”

“No running.”

“I said no running.” (over 30 times)

“No, you’re not having more cake.” x 4 x 2 kids = 8 times

You get the picture of today’s events? I don’t want to freaking TALK anymore. At all.  I’m totally spent. My throat physically hurts from having to talk, speak loudly, and full-out yell. Why do they do this? Let’s drive mom bat-shit-crazy today and not listen until she’s said something 20 times. How long do you think it will take before mom is banging her head against the wall? Let’s just keep asking mom for candy until we drive her so nuts she’ll give in.

It’s one of those days. After tonight’s bedtime lecture, I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day. Otherwise, crazy mom is taking the toy room to the curbside for garbage pickup.

Did you have one of these days?

15 thoughts on “Saturday’s Rant

  1. Oh how I hate days like these, I swear some days they can sense that our ropes are extra short and try even more to be little pills!! {{{HUGS}}} hope you have a peaceful restful night and a wonderful fresh day tomorrow

  2. I don’t have these days, yet… but sometimes I feel like if I ran on the treadmill half as much of the time as Addie forced me to hold her, I would be Heidi freakin’ Klum!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  3. I have too many days like this. It’s the winter– they can’t handle being cooped up all day and then the running, yelling, not listening, repeating of words 85 billion times and losing my shit ensues. You are not alone, chica! It’s nice to know it happens in other houses, too. 🙂

  4. Ugh, days like that are so frustrating! I swear my daughter likes hearing me yell because she won’t listen the first 20 times I say something nicely. But when I yell she finally does what she’s supposed to do. Drives me nuts.

  5. Yes, I totally have days like this! Where they don’t listen but for some reason, at least in my case, they always follow me around. And God forbid the phone should ring, and then the questions start….three little mouths spewing out questions while a person tries to have a conversation with me on the other end, the worst! And I wonder why no one calls anymore, lol!

  6. I ask my children calmly the first time, the second time my voice gets a little louder, the third time it is a full on scream, the fourth time makes me sound like a crazy person because I am no longer communicating in English or a recognizable voice. My husband always gives me a look by this round as if to say he is ready to get a straight jacket out and haul me off!!

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