I’m linking up with fellow Rhody Blogger Melissa at The Mommy Chronicles again. She encourages us to link up on Saturdays and share our funny posts. I’m just going share my top laugh of the week.

As he sat at the table to do his homework he pressed the palm of his hand to his forehead. I assumed it was just the frustration with homework until he started eyeing them again. “What’s wrong bud?”

“I just don’t get it. Why are all boobs soft and squishy?” he huffs in frustration.

Not this again.

“Because that’s how God made ladies.” (and some men)

How do you keep a straight face?deac

11 thoughts on “Well…Because

      1. I’m sure they hear it all the time, but yeah, you don’t want to have that kid. So funny! I always fear what my kids mention to their teachers anyway. Taken out of context, who knows what they think.

  1. oh my- i am so glad mine are too young for questions like that because I have not worked on my rebuttal yet!~! here from the sat hop and glad I stopped by

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