A Sleepover Necessity

My mom called me last week to see if the boys would be interested in having “individual” sleepovers with Grammie and Pop. A little one-on-one time. I found the idea abolutely wonderful and so did the boys. When I first told them about it they jumped up and down with excitement and then Deacon disappeared. Ten minutes later he came down with a backpack all packed and ready for Grammie’s. Of course he didn’t pack any of the necessities like clothes. It was a Tuesday night and the waiting game was about to begin.

His backpack sat by the door all week in anticipation of his trip to Grammie’s the upcoming weekend. I didn’t even bother to look inside. When “the big day” arrived I packed his clothes, his pillow, his super awesome Star Wars blanket made by my aunt, and his puppy (who has FINALLY been given a name after two years “Rocker”).

When we arrived at my parent’s house my mother asked him what he brought. He excitedly grabbed his backpack, opened it up, and showed my mom two dinosaurs. He tossed the dinosaurs aside and then pulled out his “bug gun.” Yes, you read that right, a bug gun. Just incase he needed to catch some bugs at Gram’s in the dead of winter. What sleepover is complete without a bug gun?


14 thoughts on “A Sleepover Necessity

  1. Ahh, you gotta love boys!!! When my son was little he’d always pack the most RANDOM stuff for his sleepovers, too – toys he hasn’t played with in months, random knick-knacks from around his room, birthday party goody bag junk … 🙂

  2. Hysterical! I always laugh at what is most important to kids when they pack themselves to go anywhere. SO funny.

  3. As the kids get older, they often pack their own clothes, too – mistake! We have arrived at my parents without underwear, toothbrushes and who needs a coat?! Doesn’t matter that I give a LIST – I need to check! But they do always have what’s most important to THEM!

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