A Boy & His Puppy

sleeping puppy

I never saw the resemblance before. It never really clicked until last night. I went into the boys’ room to check on them before going to bed. Like most mothers, I lingered a while and watched them sleep. Deacon was clutching on to his puppy.

Now Deacon as a baby and toddler was never attached to anything. No binkie, no blankie, no special stuffed animal, although the boy did love his bottle. About a year and half ago he started to sleep with “puppy.” Now for the past couple of days I have been corrected a dozen times, “His name is now “Rocker” not puppy.” Maybe it’s the R in Rocker that made it all register in my head, made it click. I stood there and remembered Ralphie. Ralphie was a stuffed puppy too. Not my stuffed puppy, but my friend’s stuffed puppy. A friend I miss dearly. My stuffed mouse married Ralphie one summer day in the third grade. From what I remember from last seeing Ralphie over 20 years ago…he really looks like Rocker. Two-tone brown with those floppy ears. This tiny little resemblance and seeing Deacon hold his puppy in his sleep warmed my heart. It makes me feel like she’s still around. A little piece to hold on to at night.

Sweet Dreams.

7 thoughts on “A Boy & His Puppy

  1. My daughter wasn’t attached to ANYTHING for the first few years. Now she cannot sleep without Doggie, her pink stuffed dog that she got when she was born. That poor thing has been everywhere and seen everything. I hope he holds up for years to come, because he’s her ‘wubby’. A girl and her dog. 🙂

  2. This is so precious.I remember my kids’ thumb-sucking and blankie phases. Those are some precious memories I will always hold dear as a mom. Treasure this time!

  3. I still sleep with a teddy bear (I know…I know!). And now, my son is totally attached to Duffy the Disney Bear. I love how our children remind us of our own childhood in the simplest of ways.

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