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Jello? Playdough? Or Both?

We’re having a huge cold spell. Wait it’s not a cold spell, it’s that thing we call winter. I’m not sure who’s more stir-crazy; the kids, the dogs, or me. I’m counting the days until Memorial Day, an official sign that summer is here. It seems like we do the same projects over and over. Bake cookies or brownies. Paint pictures. Play with playdough. Have dance parties. We were in a little winter rut as far as indoor activities go.

The Crafty Collaborative encouraged me to change things up a little bit. Combine the baking and the playdough fun. Not only did we make our own playdough, but we made playdough that smells like delicious Jello! Yes, you read that correctly. The playdough smelled like Jello. The boys picked out melon Jello. Come see how it turned out and how much my fellow contributors enjoyed it. here

jello playdough

8 thoughts on “Jello? Playdough? Or Both?

  1. I hear you on running out of indoor winter activities! It’s so tough to not be able to go outside. I love Jello, that sounds like some play dough!

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