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The Bookshelf – A Silly Snowy Day

silly snow day
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I haven’t done a bookshelf post in quite a while. Today I wanted to share with you a winter tale that we enjoy. A Silly Snowy Day by Michael Coleman and illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson. We get a kick out of this book. A curious tortoise named Shelley desperately wants to stay awake instead of hibernating with her parents. Shelley wants to see what winter is like. Everyone Shelley comes across seems to think that a tortoise out in winter is absolutely “ridiculous!” Poor Shelley starts to feel a little down and she then starts to believe that maybe it is like everyone said…ridiculous.

Things take a quick turn for Shelley and she has a wonderful winter adventure. When she makes it back to her home after quite a ride, she realizes she’s right where she belongs…but is thrilled to have experienced winter. It’s a really cute story. Williamson’s illustrations are fantastic. She captures some great expressions in the animals’ faces. Go cozy up to the fire with your little ones and enjoy.

18 thoughts on “The Bookshelf – A Silly Snowy Day

  1. I love books and love that my kids love them too. My mom takes beautiful picture books out of the library for my daughter and I am sending her this one to add to her list!

  2. Why don’t I have this book?! Thanks for sharing. Obviously I need to go order it on amazon asap! Happy Thursday!

  3. Oh, I need to check this book out! Sounds so cute. My girls could have me read them 42 books a night if I’d let them. I bet they’d love this one. 🙂

  4. Aw, I’ve never heard of this book but it sounds adorable. I’m always looking for good books to add to our collection, thanks for the recommendation!

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