Prepping For The Storm

We’re expecting two feet of snow starting tomorrow and going into the weekend. TWO FEET! This isn’t freaking Fargo! I have a zillion little things running through my head. First, how to plan a quick grocery store run without wanting to knock someone out. New Englanders can be “wicked” vicious. I thought I was lucky that the milkman just delivered milk, eggs, and bread yesterday. I forgot that we would also need some actual food. There is nothing like a slow home cooked meal on blustery day, and Mommy needs her Goldfish, we’re almost all out. No Goldfish would be a travesty. Luckily the wine rack is fully stocked. Yes, I took care of that first. Priorities people.

Second, what am I going to do with these kids while it’s a blizzard out there? I’ve been brainstorming and came up with a few ideas I could share with you.

  • Have them fill out their valentine cards for their classmates.
  • Do their 100th day of school project which consists of counting out 100 of some sort of item such as cereal and gluing them to a poster board.
  • Pajama dance party.
  • There will most DEFINITELY be some fort building.


  • Baking brownies.
  • Making these great hugs for their, as they call them, cousins far away. Thank you Pinterest.
  • And what’s better than hunkering down with popcorn and a movie? I am going to go pick up The Chipmunks Valentine Collection. They just adore the Chipmunks.

chipmunk valentine

Of course, after the snow has settled we will be SHOVELING! And building our own sledding hill, snow fort, and sipping on hot chocolate. For my local readers, I wish you safety and sanity.

27 thoughts on “Prepping For The Storm

  1. I was going to wish you luck, after Ray told me of the pending weather report, but then I saw your post. I remember thoses days.. You don’t want to see our weather report. We’ll be thinking of you and your Dad out there in the snow.
    Tell the boys Thank You for my pictures. They are very cute…

  2. good luck. I must say i love snow, but in a romantic way, not a practical I have to get somewhere and buy groceries kind of way. You can live on brownies though, i can think of worse things….. have fun!

  3. I am ok with snow on a weekend – not traveling….it’s just the thought of possible power outages that make me SHIVER!! Stay warm my friend!

  4. We’re only getting 3-6 inches here in Chicagoland so I’m definitely not jealous of the amount you are sposed to be getting.

    If you have a snow blower don’t forget to have plenty of fuel!!

    Good luck and stay warm.

      1. LOL… As I was out there snow blowing the driveway I thought of something that might be fun for the boys.

        One year I put a water bottle filled with rocks in the driveway so I could measure how high the snow was getting from the door.

        Once it got high enough for the snow to support a ruler, I left it out there and checked it every 30-45 minutes.

        You could fill an old jar with rocks, put a ruler (or in your case a yardstick) in it, then put in somewhere the boys could see from the window, back door, etc.

        You could make a “project” out of it by making a sheet and having them fill out a report every 30 minutes.

        It’d keep them busy AND out of your goldfish!! 😉

  5. Oh man that IS very Fargo-esque of you Easterners! Be oh so careful and stock up on lots of snacks and baking supplies since eating is really the best defense against freezing to death or dying of boredom 😉

  6. Good luck! I am stocked up for some baking and looking forward to that. Although we are just getting like 18″– that rates some salted caramel brownies, though, in my book. 😉

  7. I have the Valentines ready to go tomorrow. And banana bread. And ‘on demand’ since I think my kids have seen everything this year. Too many movie nights, not enough movies!

  8. Two feet! People in the south would be in panic mode. We get an inch and you’d think it’s the end of the world. It’s nuts–and embarrassing. I went to college where there actually was snow but life still went on. Get those boys ready for sledding and have fun! I hope the snow plows in your area work much better than they do here!

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