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Sugar Coma

Our new tradition is a family Valentines Party. We had pizza and salad, then dove into the treats. There are a total of eight boxes of chocolates in my house. Eight! Oye. Top that off with what my wonderful mother brought us. My favorite!! Sugar cookies from Vienna Bakery. They are indeed the best. They make them year round, but at the holidays they make them special. I particularly love the shamrocks in March.

vienna bakery sugar cookies

We loaded up on pizza, chocolates, and cookies and then, in McShane boy style, we partied. Glow sticks and music. They love this. They had to rock their “I believe In Love” song by Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror).

We ended the night with A Chipmunk Valentine, with popcorn and red and pink M&M’s. More sugar. I’m amazed that they passed right out. They were knocked into sugar coma.

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Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Now what to do with all this chocolate?

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  1. Did you see the pin on the glow sticks inside the Easter Eggs? I can’t remember if you were the pinner I saw or not. You simply, break the glow stick and put it in the plastic egg then hunt them at night in the house. My son is so excited about this one he has written a post it note to remind me.
    It sounds like such fun and sugar cookies are always so good.

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