Happy Birthday Finnegan

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My “baby” is turning 4. He’s saying goodbye to the toddler stage and he’s becoming a little boy. I just can’t take it! We knew from the day he was born…well before he was born, that he would be the final installment. Finn…finite.

Adored by his brothers since the moment they met, these three of these guys are my world!


I must be honest, he’s always been my baby. Where Deacon started walking and talking early and became independent so quickly, Finn kept the pace slow to ease his mommy’s heart. Although potty training was grueling and adjusting to preschool has been tough we keep moving forward.

play in the rain It’s true that he’s done a great job trying to keep up with those two older brothers, although sometimes I wish he wouldn’t. Climbing the banister, jumping off the headboard, the list goes on. However, he always has time for an extra snuggle with mom and dad. Especially at night, when he stealthfully sneaks into my bed. I wake to “Good morning Mom and Dad, I snucked in your bed,” followed by laughter. EVERY morning…aside from the Christmas miracle where he slept in his bed all night long!

He loves dragons, knights, pirates, fishing…any thing with a sword or something that can be turned into a sword. One thing about this boy…he’s funny. Hysterically funny. From pretending to be a cat and licking my face, to rolling on the floor like an alligator, to stealing butter and taking off with it, he makes us laugh every single day. He acts out movies during movie Friday Night, Movie Night with passion, and he likes to smell his own feet. So instead of crying my bloody eyes out today because my baby is now four, I’m going to laugh. I’m going to watch him blow out his candles and most likely spit on the cake. He’ll probably turn ribbons into fishing nets and wrapping paper will be crumpled up into bait. His brothers will take off with his new toys, but he can hold his own and will have them back quickly. He’s pretty scrappy.


I’m feeling so absolutely blessed…and a little sad. Ahhh, It’s my BABY!

Happy Birthday Finnegan Cowen. We love you so! xo

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13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Finnegan

  1. Aww, how sweet this post was! Our children do grow just too fast! How I would live to pause time. My Cooper will be 6 weeks Monday and he’s already changed so much! Happy Birthday Finn!

  2. I can relate, my baby turned 8 this December! You are definitely entering a new stage heading out of the baby years into what my husband and I have been calling our golden years of parenting, no babies and no teenagers, with our oldest turning fourteen we are now heading into the gauntlet!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! “Finn kept the pace slow to ease his mommy’s heart.” My littlest has done the same and it’s so wonderful! I want him to stay small forever! I’m in no hurry with him. 😉
    P.S. I found your blog through Emracing the Insanity’s blog. 🙂

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