The Best New Year’s Resolution

logan resolutionI opened Logan’s “friday folder” today and found this. His New Year’s Resolution. I loved it!

My new year’s resolution for 2013 is I would like to help mom clean up because it is nice.

What would really be nice is if he actually did this. I think he’s put a good effort in once in 2013 (okay it was twice)…and that was because he was trying to butter me up to buy him something. I’m hanging this up right now as a reminder.

One thought on “The Best New Year’s Resolution

  1. It’s funny because my daughter’s teacher just sent her’s home a few weeks ago as well. Her’s said that she wasn’t going to fight with her brother anymore so she wouldn’t get into so much trouble. After I read it I told she hasn’t been doing such a great job at her resolution. I hung hers up as well and have been pointing at it whenever she starts brewing up a fight!!

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