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We’re Almost There…Spring!

I stepped outside this morning hoping it would be warm enough to run outside (for me anyway), nope. I got my run done on the treadmill and did some housework. Then I noticed the sun. I stepped outside again and it was beautiful out! Sad that I currently think 45 degrees is warm, but in comparison to the wet, cold, dreary weather we’ve had lately…it’s like SPRING! The birds were chirping (I contemplated a sling-shot). They skeeve me out, but for the moment I enjoyed the noise.

I sent the kids outside, grabbed my boots and did some yard work. I felt so good to be outside. It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine and some fresh air can do for your mood. As I was cleaning up the gardens I spotted these…Day lillies.


My fellow New Englanders….it’s true. Spring is ALMOST here. It’s March, we spring ahead in time next weekend. Later sunsets. Ahhh.

12 thoughts on “We’re Almost There…Spring!

  1. I filled 5 lawn bags yesterday and felt like I was an Olympian! It’s almost here… and I cannot wait for the yard work- it may sound crazy, but not as crazy as I am going in these 4 walls!

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