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The Bookshelf – Peter Pan and Wendy

Well tonight was crazy. Our typical bedtime routine is brush your teeth and then each of the boys gets to pick out a book. We do three books a night. Well tonight they all fought about who would pick out Peter Pan and Wendy. Seriously, what are they arguing for? Regardless, it’s going to be read to them no mater “who’s” book it is. If they wanted to get technical I could argue with them that the book is MINE! Copywrited in 1981. It was mine from the Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading book club. The bickering, the tears, oye.

The brighter side…they all love this book! A classic tale. They love the movie, they love the television show, and they love the book. The adventure, the pirates, and their favorite… the “Tick-Tock Croc.”peter pan and wendy

Deacon realized if he gave up the book he got to make another choice and hear both (smart kid). Logan gave the book to the crying Finnegan like a good older brother would and just settled on that. In the end mommy won. I only had to read two books but defintely needed a glass of wine after all the shouting and tears.

What books to your children enjoy over and over?

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  1. My son likes a bible storybook we have (thankfully the stories are five minutes or less so we can read a few). My daughter reads novels, herself!! My baby!!! 😉

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