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Our Top 6 Bedtime Stallers

They all do it. Heck, I remember doing it. Sometimes I would be lying there in bed with my stuffed raccoon when I would smell popcorn. I needed to find some excuse to go out to the living room. Some reason that I just HAD to get out of bed. My boys are no different. The two youngest in particular get out of bed multiple times before succumbing to sleep. Here’s a list of their tactics.

1. Water. What kid hasn’t done that one? That one was always my go-to.

2. “I just have to tell you something.” what? “Um, I, uh, I love you. Good night.”

3. Put in the breakfast order. As if they can’t tell me what they want for breakfast when wake up in the morning.

4. They suddenly can’t find their stuffed animal, which is of course in their bed, under the blankets, where THEY should be.

5. They need a lullabye…AGAIN. If Mom sings it then they need Dad to sing it, and vice versa.

And there is the one that I just can’t resist. I just can’t get mad.

6. “I just wanted a group hug.”

But eventually, after all the frustration and the tucking back in, it ends up like this. So peaceful.

sleepingWhat are your kids’ bedtime excuses?

14 thoughts on “Our Top 6 Bedtime Stallers

  1. Have to “love” the ‘I just wanted to tell you that I love you’ excuse! My daughter is queen of that one too! They just know how to do it in a way where it would be bad form for us to get mad at them, haha!

  2. Oh, Sheri… these are priceless! As a Grandma now, there’s a whole new set of must-avoid-sleep pitter-patter-of-little-feet tactics at bedtime, during sleep-overs:
    “I have to call Mommy one more time.”
    “I forgot my favorite pillow.”
    “It’s too dark in here.”
    “It’s too light in here.”
    “What’s that sound?”
    “Can we snuggle on the couch?”
    “Everyone is asleep but me.” {No, they aren’t!}
    “I have to call Daddy one more time.”
    “I love you!”

    OK. You can all get up for awhile. BUT DON’T TELL MOMMY AND DADDY HOW LATE YOU STAYED UP!

  3. #1,2 and 4 are still a challenge for my girl. Also, she might not come out of her room, but I will catch her reading WAY past her bedtime. She’ll say, “I forgot!” or “You didn’t come and tell me to stop.” Ha!

  4. I absolutely love #2! That happens in my house as well! My youngest also uses the excuse that he forgot to put something in his backpack. When we ask what it is, he stands there, pauses for a minute and then says that he can’t remember. Bedtime can be crazy!

  5. We get all of yours except the lullabye. My little one is still too small to have excuses, but he has started asking for water. My oldest likes to come out to pee a million times. My fave is the “uh, uh, I just love you.” It makes you feel guilty for being angry. Such a genius ploy!

  6. My daughter always needs more water and for some reason always manages to loose one of her furry friends, which are ALWAYS under the blanket. Haha Too cute!

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