My Fitness At Home Is Good For My Family

I don’t have a gym membership; I just work out at home. I use the treadmill, the kettlebells, and weights. Lately I’ve increased my fitness activity and my boys have noticed. They see my hard work and they cheer me on. It has seemed to light a spark in them as well. They want to be active and healthy too. My five-year-old will get up in the morning and ask, “Can we rip-it tonight after you get home from work?” (Rip-it is Jillian Michaels Get Ripped). He seems to like week 2 because “Shelly looks beautiful in yellow.” Three minutes in and he’s already needing his “bean break,” and he goes to the fridge for a kidney bean.

Now they may not have the correct form or keep up, but we have fun. They are not sitting around on their butts watching TV or constructing Legos. They’re moving. They like to call it family fitness night. They even ask to get on the treadmill for a little while (at low speed of course). Then they proceed to take their shirts off and stand in front of the mirror and flex, like so…

my fitness inspires my kids

One thing that has caught me by surprise is that all of this “fitness” has them really thinking about what they eat. My husband and I explain to them that food is fuel. We need nourishing foods to fuel our bodies, our muscles, our bones, our brains. A few months ago I posted about getting my kids to eat more foods, a challenge in many homes. Well they have. It was hard at first and little one is still protesting, but once they realized I meant business, it got a little easier. Logan has been most surprising. He is now happily eating carrots, peas, and corn. He’s tried everything I’ve given him…even that crazy green stuff, kale. The big kicker came yesterday when he drank V8, and then said he would like it in his lunch. Not V8 fusion fruit, but the straight low sodium vegetable juice! Sorry, but I got really excited about it. Almost as excited as I got when Finn ate spinach that was mixed up in this chicken and pasta. The kid hasn’t eaten a vegetable since he was two.

As a parent we have a HUGE influence on our children. We’re the people they are modeling their lives after. There are days when I wish I could escape and go to a gym for an hour or so, but I think fitness at home…it suits my family just fine. I work full-time and this gives us some fun family time together while benefiting the body (and my head).

And for you parents out there that are looking for a great book to help teach your kids about foods that are good for you, I always recommend The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food. My boys LOVE it!

15 thoughts on “My Fitness At Home Is Good For My Family

  1. This is so great! I don’t have children yet, but have seen the influence I have had on other family members by modeling better eating/exercising habits the last couple years. They say leading by example is better than any preaching one can do and it seems you are a prime example of that for your family, way to go!

  2. I love that you’re including the kids! My kids don’t like my exercise dvds but they love going outside and doing things like bike riding, rollerblading, etc with me. =)

  3. What a great example you are setting for them. You are so right that we have a huge influence on our children. I wish everyone would let that sink in. Great post!

  4. great attitude toward healthy living! I usually don’t workout until after the kids are in bed or before they get up, but they will watch me run on the street and do some yoga with me 😉

  5. That is so great that you’ve seen a positive change on your kids! I’m hoping to work out at home once I get my groove back from having my son. My daughter and I have dance parties now and that leaves me winded! Lol keep up the good work!!

  6. I love this. Last weekend I got up early to work out. In the middle of said workout, my son woke up and since my husband never seems to hear him wake (hmmm…) I went and got him, plopped him on the couch with a sippy of milk, a snack trap of chex and my phone. But he was too entertained by watching me finish my workout! Every time I would finish a part of the circuit, he would clap as if he were cheering me on. And he’s only 2! It was pretty awesome!

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. I work out at home on the elliptical and explained to B that exercise makes you strong and healthy. He likes to “work out” on it also (for about 2 minutes) and he also does crunches and squats with me. It’s cute to see him trying and the fact that he knows it’s good for him at such a young age. Now we just have to get him to eat more fruits and vegetables, might have to to check out that book!

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