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The Bookshelf – What If You Had Animal Teeth?

What If You Had Animal Teeth

It’s book fair time at school again. We get there and of course Deacon wants those damn Star Wars and Ninjago books that I can’t stand and they are beyond his reading level. Logan had his heart set on a dragon lore book, which is no longer available. Boo for this mom who didn’t give him money in the morning to bring to school because we would be going in the evening. So now it’s ALL my fault. Mommy fail.

When Logan has his heart set on something he’s a persistent (I’m trying to refrain from saying pain-in-the-ass). He sulks. Get over it son, there’s nothing we can do about it but try to find it online later. Please find another book! We rounded each table and every shelf multiple times. “What book do you want?” – “The dragon one,” he would reply with a sigh. Ugh! I made countless suggestions and still nothing. He’s into non-fiction, anything about animals and reptiles, but nothing there was really grabbing his interest and I just wanted out of the crowded stuffy school library.

I went back over toward the non-fiction and there it was, the prize gem of books, What If You Had Animal Teeth? by Sandra Markle and illustrated by Howard McWilliam. With a rattle snake right on the front I knew he would bite at this one. First off, high-fives to Howard McWilliam because the illustrations are absolutely amazing. This was the perfect mix of fiction and non-fiction. The boys truly loved it. The book starts with, “So you’ve lost your front teeth. Before you know it, two new ones will push right into their space. But what if an animal’s teeth grew in, instead?” Fantastic question! The book goes threw the facts on beavers, sharks, hippos, and many more while illustrating what it would be like if a kid had teeth like an animal’s. It’s perfect for the stage we’re in now with losing teeth around here. I heard a lot of “whoa,” “that’s awesome,” and “imagine that!” Needless to say, we all loved this book and we highly recommend you go check it out.

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