School Project – Part 1

It’s that time of year at school again. The Vocabulary Parade. I wasn’t looking forward to it last year but after we got the ball rolling it was a lot of fun and Logan’s project came out fantastic.


The key to this project is to get the ball rolling. That’s the tough part, especially seeing now we have two school boys that have to put projects together. We started our discussion on what vocabulary words they wanted to do and of course they start blurting out costumes they have upstairs in their toy room. Then Logan had his oh so brilliant idea of being a “reptile.” That is the same direction he went with last year. We had to direct him toward the word “scales.” We’re going to keep going around and around on this. Help!

vocab paradeWe have till Thursday night to get our ideas together. Decent ideas that the boys will be on board with and won’t be too overwhelming a project. I would like them to be able to it mostly themselves. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We’ll update you later with School Project Part 2 – I’ll be buying some celebration champagne (for myself of course) when this one is over.

20 thoughts on “School Project – Part 1

  1. Vocabulary parade! That’s pretty interesting I must say, although I have to admit that these school activities/projects usually stress the parents out more than the kids!

  2. wow, that sounds fun and extremely hard/annoying at the same time! What about something that has to do with motion/wheels? Do they like bikes or skateboards, etc.? The only reason this comes to mind for me is because I had to come up with that stupid wheel of fortune costume for my son for halloween so I know it can be done! haha! Good luck! (or maybe something to do with fitness/the body and they could dress up as richard simmons? totally kidding about the dressing up part, but my older son likes to learn about the weird stuff in the body so maybe yours do too?)

  3. OK, reptiles is an AWESOME idea. When they choose something they like, it makes doing..and FINISHING a project so much easier. Especially on you!

  4. Oh, I love the word “venom”. Can’t wait to hear the other guy’s word! Sheri, do you remember the book report projects that you and Audrey had in 5th grade (maybe 4th and 6th grade, too?!). They took entire weekends to finish. I’m excited to see your guys’ projects (she says from Bristol with no staying home all weekend to finish them!). xo!

  5. Oy, every time I get a notice from school about an event that requires a costume (Pirate Day! Crazy Hat Day! Old MacDonald Day!) or some other piece of festive gear I break out in hives because I am so not creative that way and we never seem to have the appropriate supplies. I am loving the reptile idea, though!

  6. What I love about school projects now is the rubrics they get! I tell the kids that they’re telling you exactly how to get an A! I wish they provided such specific details to us as kids!
    I second Sharon’s word – venom is good! What about moult – do reptiles moult their skin or just shed it? Do only birds moult? See – I could learn something from the vocabulary parade!

  7. Is this what I have to look forward to? 🙂 Venom and moult are good words to work with! I wonder what my girls would pick. Probably something like zombies. Or Power Rangers. LOL.

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