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The Bookshelf – Go Green!

Bears go green

It’s APRIL! How did that happen so fast? It sure doesn’t feel like it here in New England, but it’s here none the less. April is Earth Month. I love it! It’s time to get the kids outside. I get to do yard work, which I love. It’s also a good time to teach the kids about the environment. Grammie got the boys a new book just in time for Earth Month. The Berenstain Bears Go Green. We read this book tonight. The boys liked it, although they think the story should have continued longer (not sure if that was just because they didn’t want to go to bed yet).

The bear family loves their little world, Bear Country. They enjoy the mountains, the rivers, and the fields of sunshine. One day while spending quality family time outdoors they come across something foul. Oil drums leaking into the river. my kids gasping The entire community bands together to help clean up. The book also makes wonderful suggestions about recycling, composting, and trying to conserve energy. All things my boys know, but it’s always great to remind them. Oh, and now they want their dad and Poppy to build a windmill for our house. Great.

Another book that is appropriate to share this month is Mercer Meyer’s It’s Earth Day. I shared this one before. It’s great! Any time my kids are wasting water or leaving lights on I just shout, “polar bears!”

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  1. I love teaching our kids to respect the Earth and help it continue to grow and nurture all of us for many, many generations more. We don’t have that book, I may have to add that one to the wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

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